Episode 17: Self-love while loving others


Champagne Moments
Champagne Moments
Episode 17: Self-love while loving others

The problem with love is that if we don’t give it to ourselves enough, we will search for it in other place – and often not in the healthiest places. We will rely on others for validation that we are lovable- when they have their own love agendas, which don’t necessarily fit and complete ours. We lower our self-worth in our own and others’ eyes, while putting them on a pedestal, making them more important and more worthy than us. We elevate their needs, while dismissing ours.

The hardest point to acknowledge is that we teach people how to treat us. So, if we do not love ourselves completely – we teach others that giving us incomplete love is ok too.

So how do we find this balance- because it is about balance – it is not about stopping loving others, we just need to balance it better.

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