Champagne Moments
Champagne Moments

The problem with goals is that when we don’t achieve them, we are actually breaking promises to ourselves. And that breaks down our self-trust. We do not trust ourselves to achieve new goals. When we achieve a goal the feeling of euphoria is second to none. It feels amazing! We made ourselves a promise and we fulfilled it. we always do our best to fulfil our promises to others – why do we not do it to ourselves? The most important promises of all.

 it is important for us to trust ourselves. When we doubt out ability to fulfil a goal, we start doubting ourselves in every other area of life. We stop listening to our intuition because we don’t trust it. we put ourselves into situations that are not good for us because we stop listening to that inner voice. Self-trust is so important.

So, let’s fulfil our promises to ourselves, while also acknowledging the need to be gentle and kind to ourselves. It is ok if our goals take a little longer to achieve -what is important is that we do accomplish them and show ourselves that we can trust ourselves. In doing this we will build up our confidence to fulfil the next goal.

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