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My Epic Fail Fairytale About the book...

"Once-upon-a-time..." is how all fairytales start. We all share the dream of the perfect fairytale life, and we all look forward to our "Happily-ever-after." But what happens if our story does not turn out how we hoped it would? Journey with Senta as she shares her "Epic Fail" of a fairytale life and learn how to do the work in order to shift your focus from "Happily-ever-after" to "Happily-in-the-now." No matter what has happened in your life, you can rewrite your story.

Book Review By Cindy Norcott





We can all relate to growing up with hopes and dreams that have been heavily influenced by the fairy tales we watched, read or were told when we were children.

What do you do when you don’t get your fairy tale ending? How do you continue when your hopes and dreams come crashing down or when life throws you those inevitable curve-balls and disappointments?

In this delightful, inspiring and authentic book, Senta Seele leans into her own crushed dreams and plot twists and with a huge dollop of vulnerability and a wave of her magic wand, she shares her lessons learned as well as many invaluable nuggets of wisdom relating to rising from disappointment and creating new dreams.

Senta is the modern day fairy god-mother that every woman needs when the chips are down and when it is time to be courageous and make changes. With her signature humour, compassion and generosity, Senta gives us a road map for those times when our happily ever after is in jeopardy. With wisdom, kindness and intuition, Senta gently guides us on a journey of accepting our circumstances and owning our power to change what we need to, in order to be happy NOW.


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Combo Special Order Senta's 2 Books together!

For a special combo price get Senta's first book "Dancing with your Skeletons" with "My Epic Fail Fairytale"


‘Dancing with your Skeletons’ is a self-improvement book, published in 2016, which brings George Bernard Shaw’s quote ‘If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best take it out and teach it to dance’ into our everyday lives.

Senta’s book teaches us that without even stepping into a dance class, we have access to one of the most powerful healing modalities, and can benefit from the profound joy, strength, grace and love that dance offers us!

We all have a skeleton in our closet. Something that we have done or that has happened to us that has made our lives difficult, has caused us pain and has left physical, mental and emotional scars.

Imagine the possibilities when you learn to dance with your skeletons, and ultimately to heal them in such a way that you will never put them back in the closet again!

Fairytale Workbooks Assisting and supporting you through some of the keys themes in 'My Epic Fail Fairytale'

Senta lovingly guides and supports you as these e-workbooks prompt you to ask yourself important questions, allowing you to go deeper into your own healing, and encouraging you to write your own new story.

E-books will be available as an instant PDF download once your order is complete. Work through them with a journal, or print them out and write directly into them.

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