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Senta.life is all about stories and Champagne... Living a decadent life, worth celebrating! Rewriting your own stories so that you can enjoy all the success, meaningful moments and relationships. love and self-love, intimacy and connection, bubbles of happiness and laughter,that you deserve.


Hi, I'm Senta

I'm an encourager, motivator, and celebrator of all that life has to offer us. I inspire people to create beautiful lives worth celebrating, to do the hard things with kindness and integrity, and to step out into the world with strength, power and positivity.

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Under Senta.life I bring you the motivational podcast Champagne Moments, the Champagne Club community membership, private intuitive coaching, inspirational and life-changing public speaking, in person and online workshops and retreats and more.


My Epic Fail Fairytale

Read the book that is changing lives and rewrite your own new Happily Ever After.


Champagne Moments

Listen to the latest podcast episode from the motivational podcast Champagne Moments


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We all have a past story that involves tears, frustration, anger, pain, heartbreak, guilt, fear, and a wide range of other emotions. We have all had...